Tools to Try

Cool Tools to Try

1) Animoto for short slide shows (visual storytelling)
(note: there are several similar services like Rock You, but I think Animoto is best)

2) Bubble.Us for idea mapping/mind mapping (several other alternatives for idea-mapping software)

3) Delicious for bookmark sharing, storage, and management.

4) DIY Social Networks like Crowdvine and Ning (Ning is soon moving to a low cost payment model)

5) Flickr for sharing and storing photos

6) Idea Encore-Nonprofits Sharing with Nonprofits

7) Picnik for digital photo editing (both free and paid options)

8] TaDa for task management/productivity (the URL = Tada

9) for powerpoints (also for design inspiration). Its also one method of delivering presentations on your iPhone.

10) Social Actions for social media campaign integration. ( is a hub-site of sorts as well)

11) Video hosting with Viddler and Vimeo.

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