Social Media Time Management Tips for Nonprofits

Here are some tips on social media time management from Steve Heye:

Start small and find what works for you
Set priorities on tools
Spend 15-30 minutes each morning reading or answering requests
Pick one day a week to spend one hour –

David Allen, the best selling author of Getting Things Done and overall productivity guru in a recent Business Week article about social media time management pointed out:

The opportunity that the various social media offer is the ability to quickly communicate, collaborate, and get feedback from a large and previously inaccessible number of people, with varying degrees of filtering capabilities.

The challenge is that each of those social media involvements can represent another virtual in box, with an implicit assumption that you should think about and deal with what lands there. If “processing” those additional streams of input is simply a matter of scanning to see what’s of interest to you, that may not take much time; and you can simply drop in and out on a whim. That’s no different than channel surfing, other than the added seductiveness of interactive rabbit trails to pursue.

But if you are expected—by yourself or others—to be more familiar with the content, or to contribute and respond to content directly, you’re going to have to be judicious in how you manage your social media commitments. It’s not as innocuous as another cable station, unless you have specifically downgraded your expectations of how you’re going to be involved.

You may also find that creating your own social media process, whether thats how much time you spend on each social platform or each activity may be helpful. These helpful checklists from Social Media on One Hour a Day may serve as an initial model, but create a checklist that works best for you (your audience, your objectives, and the 3 to 5 platforms you’ve choosen to focus on). As with any process, its smart to revisit the process and revise it on a monthly or at a minimum every 6 months.

Finally, its important to recognize that as helpful as time management rubrics and checklists may be–the productivity of your social media efforts is measured over a longer term and that its about an investment in a) building a brand b) telling your story c) engaging stake holders and d) creating solutions consistent with your organizations mission and passion.

Ping.FM is a service that allows you to update all your social profiles at once. This how to use social media guide is fantastic for getting started. This is a must read!!!


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